Terms & Conditons

Terms and Conditions for (exhibiting) Sponsors  and Exhibitors for the Bull City Yoga Festival

Bull City Yoga Festival is also referred to as “the host” and Companies are referred to as “exhibitor(s)” or “the exhibitor(s).

    1. The Festival: Bull City Yoga Festival is a day-long yoga, health and wellness retreat intended to provide educational and interactive programs for people who are beginners or experienced yoga practitioners and young or mature adults.
    2. Exhibitor or Sponsor Registration: Upon receiving a signed contract and Payment exhibitors will receive instructions regarding registration for the Bull City Yoga Festival.
    3. Exhibitors who choose to have a table will follow Exhibitor rules and regulations of Forest Hill Clubhouse, Durham Parks and Recreation.
    4. Set Up/Tear Down of Exhibit: The event field opens at 7:00 am, and will
    5. be accessible for set up after that time. All Exhibitors must be checked in by 7:30 am, and are expected to be fully set up and ready to receive attendees by 8:30 am. Exhibitors may NOT break down their booth before 5:00 pm.  All Exhibitors must vacate the exhibitor area by 6:00 pm. Exhibitors are responsible for the staffing of these processes. Volunteers will be present for limited assistance.
    6. Display Specifications, Sound and Activities: Displays are to be within the parameters of the Exhibitor space and may include the wall if placed in accordance with Forest Hills Clubhouse. (N/A) All exhibitors will be located on the event field.
    7. Samples, Souvenirs, Sales: Exhibitors may distribute samples, souvenirs, brochures, etc. and make sales from within the Exhibitor Space only. Exhibitors are responsible for collecting and paying any applicable North Carolina sales taxes if applicable.
    8. Limitation of Liability: The exhibitor expressly releases Bull City Yoga and its agents, representatives, officers and directors (collectively “Host”) from any claims arising in connection with Bull City Yoga Festival. This includes any damages or losses incurred, (a) whether to actual property, a person on intangibles, (b) if due to negligence on the part of the host.
    9. Indemnification: The exhibitor will indemnify, defend and hold the host harmless from and against any and all claims, damages, liabilities, costs, and expenses arising from acts and omissions of the Exhibitor, including but not limited to payment by the Host of any damages, either by judgment or settlement and reasonable attorney fees incurred in investigating and defending such claims. The exhibitor shall cooperate with the Host to the best of their ability in the investigation and defense of any claims if such claims arise.
    10. Insurance: The Host does not maintain insurance covering the Exhibitor’s property and it is the sole responsibility of the Exhibitor to obtain business interruption and property damage insurance covering any losses of the Exhibitor. 
    11. Videos and Photos of the Retreat: The exhibitor allows the Host, without compensation, to use in all commercial modes, their images, the images of their representatives or personnel, their logos and company information to promote the retreat, the activities and the mission of the Bull City Yoga Festival for an unlimited time. Exhibitors may, with the consent of the Host, video and photograph their area of the Exhibitor’s space.
    12. Collection of Data; Raffles: Exhibitors may collect information from attendees and are encouraged to offer a raffle at their booth for meaningful, quality prizes that promote their brand.
    13. Confidentiality: The exhibitor and Host will not disclose any material designated as “confidential” unless the other party has granted express written permission to do so. The information in the contract between the Exhibitor and Bull City Yoga Festival may be shared with third parties on a need-to-know basis provided that they are bound to the terms of this agreement or may be required by law to do so. 
    14. Contact: Ingrid Saddler-Walker, Bull City Yoga Festival @ 919-423-884
    15. Payment: All payments must be made on the Bull City Yoga Festival website 

Vendors page: https://bullcityyogafestival.com/vendors/

Sponsors page: https://bullcityyogafestival.com/sponsors/