Saturday, April 27, 2024
at ZincHouse Winery & Brewery, Durham NC

Today is the day!!!

Mission & Vision

Our vision is to create a thriving community in the Durham
area, where individuals of all ages and backgrounds feel a
deep sense of belonging and empowerment through
accessible yoga practices. We envision a future where anyone
can choose to incorporate techniques of breathing, stillness,
focus, and movement into their lives, fostering holistic well-
being and personal growth. Through our inclusive and
engaging setting, we aim to build strong connections, foster
safety, and nurture a supportive environment that transcends
societal and financial barriers. We envision sending
community members out into the world feeling empowered to
live their best lives.

Our mission is to ignite profound community connections
and facilitate engaging experiences through vibrant festivals
and inclusive gatherings. At the heart of our organization lies a
dynamic coalition of passionate, and skilled yoga teachers who
are committed to engaging and inspiring individuals from
diverse backgrounds. The funds collected by the Bull City
Yoga Festivals will provide access to free yoga spaces for the
community throughout the year.