Circles / Mini Worhshops

Christine Veit
Christine Veit
Tatyana Kholodkov
8:30am - 9:15am
9:30am - 10:15am
10:30am - 11:15am

Nicole Taylor creatress of Divinely Made, LLC is a Certified Kemetic Instructor and Certified Personal Trainer. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and a Master’s degree in professional Counseling. With over 10 years of counseling experience, Nicole realized that she wanted to work with others on a holistic
level. Inspired by her Afro-Caribbean roots and personal holistic journey, Nicole listened to her calling of empowering and inspiring others.

Tap into your higher self through a Kemetic Yoga Flow. Rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit at the cellular level, through the ancient practices of Kemet (Ancient Egypt). Guided meditation, breathwork and flow you will connect with your higher self. You will be empowered and inspired.

Christine owns Earth Yoga in Hillsborough, NC & has been teaching since 2014. Her style has gone from vinyasa flow to a more restful, restorative or hatha based practice. Earth Yoga is a place where any one can come and feel comfortable in their own practice. Christine teaches with a focus on including breath & spiritual practices in her classes.

In this group discussion, you will learn about the 8 Limbs of Yoga. Besides the poses, there are also internal and external ethics, meditation, focus and more! You will receive a handout with an image to fully
understand how the 8 limbs come together — and how yoga is more than just moving the body. You will be able to ask questions with an experienced teacher & journal about your thoughts.

Tatyana Kholodkov (she/her) is a licensed psychologist offering traditional and psychedelic therapy, and
healing from western and eastern traditions. She is a student of Sri Dharma Mittra (DYRT 1000) and offers classes drawn from classical teachings in Hatha-Raja yoga. Her training background includes many years of martial arts and dance, qi-gong, Mind-Body Centering yoga teacher certification, trauma-informed
mindfulness, and the Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Training Certification program. All classes are
explicitly LGBTQIA affirming, sex, and body positive.

The breath is a bridge between the mind, heart, and body. Our prana, or vital energy, rides on the breath. Through consciously connecting and changing our breathing patterns, we can not only alter the state of our physiology and mind, but also promote positive mood states and prepare our heart to be more receptive. We will go through a number of practices and explore how they feel, what they can be used for, and how they can support you on your path. As my teacher Sri Dharma Mittra says, pranayama is Iike an insurance policy for the rest of the day.

Jamilah Sabir - Callaway
Katina Gad
11:30am - 12:15pm

Jamilah Sabir-Calloway is an Energy Healer, Intuit, and Reiki Second Degree Initiate. She is a writer, photographer and Spiritual Life Coach who has great passion and vision to inspire personal joy, healing and positive social change for the health and wellbeing of the planet. She is a motivational speaker and workshop facilitator on the empowerment of young women, stress management, diversity training and
coping with change.

A sharing of simple sacred tools, methods, and practices that can be used on a regular basis to provide consistent elevation to one’s current circumstance and maintain at a high peak the vibration of self-love
and love for others.

12:30pm - 1:15pm

Katina is a certified Animal Flow instructor, as well as the regional leader for North and South Carolina, she is also a 200-hr RYT with a vinyasa, and she specializes in teaching yoga for athletes at several area gyms and studios. Along with her role teaching yoga and animal flow, she is an experienced certified personal trainer, a group fitness instructor teaching HIIT and strength training, and is a competitive athlete in the sports of obstacle course racing and ninja. She originally found yoga to slow down from competitive sports and recover better, and then she fell in love with the philosophy and practice. Now she loves to share this practice that changed her for the better with others, and to incorporate yoga into all her different types of classes.

While Yoga is all about the poses, Animal Flow is all about the movement between the poses. This class focuses on fun transitions and flowing movements. Animal Flow is a fun and creative ground based Quadrupedal Movement Training that incorporates moves from breakdancing, capoeira, and yoga; when combined with a traditional hatha vinyasa yoga class you get a great workout that increases your strength and shares a new perspective on transitions for traditional yoga classes.


Abbey Billman
Abby Billman
1:30pm - 2:15pm

Abbey is a proud Durham native. She completed her RYT 200 with Nina Be of Mindbody Centering Yoga,
and is a master reiki practitioner. Currently Abbey leads a Waldorf inspired early childhood classroom, and
has extensive experience working with children of all ages. In her yoga, energy work, and caregiving
practices; Abbey seeks to share creative force, compassion, and loving kindness with all.

Enjoy an art circle in our BCYF community! Embrace creativity as a mindful meditation, and invite this
energy to flow into an art piece to bring home. As we create art as a collective, we may connect with
others in the circle. Art supplies will be provided for you to explore, including: water color paint, collaging
materials, crayons, colored pencils, coloring pages, etc. To close the circle, you may choose to share your
creation in an intimate gallery walk. Everyone is an artist, we look forward to experiencing your unique